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Skin Peels - Advanced Skin Treatments

Resurfacing & Pigment Removal Peel ( Tca /Vit A or Even Skin Peel by Dermaquest )


1 hour · $300



Professional Only Peels

Professional TCA Peel 15%
The Gold Standard of Peeling! This 15% solution of trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and powerful natural tyrosinase inhibitors is renowned for its results in treating, correcting, and controlling pigmentation, wrinkles, and acne. The potent antioxidants vitamin E and Retinol palmitate, in combination with TCA, provide unparalleled results in safe and controlled skin peeling. This peel is colour blind making it safe for all skin types.

Recommended for: Normal, Oily, and Combination skin

  • Brightens & Tightens

  • Minimizes Pores

  • Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Reduce Pigmentation

  • Increase elasticity & Firmness

  • Reduce Dull Uneven Texture

  • Reduce Redness

  • Anti-Aging

Key Ingredients: Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) 15%, Bearberry, Licorice, Green Tea, Vitamin A Ester, Sunflower

Even Skin Peel


The Dermaquest Even Skin Peel contains a combination of salicylic, lactic, Mandelic and phytic acids and is for patients that suffer dark pigmented spots, uneven and dull lifeless skin.



  • Brightens and adds life to skin

Improves pigmentation

  • increased cell turnover improves the appearance of uneven pigment caused by excess sun exposure, hormonal melasma or dark areas due to acne scarring or ageing


  • Clarifies with the help of 17% lactic acid, 5% salicylic acid, 7% Mandelic acid and 2.5% phytic acid to clear the skin of impurities


How does it work?

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed before applying the Even Skin Peel. The peel will be applied to your skin one layer at a time – up to 3 layers, depending on your skin. We may pass over your skin with a retinol solution also. The peel is then removed and a balm is applied.

You may be a little red immediately after treatment. A few days after your peel you may experience dryness and light flaking while your skin regenerates. This peel is not suitable for pregnancy or breastfeeding.


Retinol Vitamin A Peel


Retinol is the only clinically proven vitamin to affect the ageing process. That makes it the must have ingredient in every anti-ageing product available! So, with a high combination of 4% Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid, this treatment penetrates the skin to stimulate cell renewal. It gradually brings all the new healthy hydrated skin up to the surface. The Retinol will also stimulate fibroblasts which produce more collagen to plump and smooth the skin’s surface

Retinol (Vitamin A) molecules are the perfect size to penetrate your skin and get down to the deeper layers. This is where you find your fibroblasts. They’re responsible for producing the collagen that keeps your skin springy and youthful.

Applying retinol to fibroblasts switches on collagen production, which has the effect of re-inflating your skin for a radiant glow. It also increases your cellular turnover, helping new skin to form. For acne concerns, Retinol also prevents dead cells from clogging pores which helps your skincare products work effectively. This helps reduce acne breakouts and puts you in control of your skin.

Will it work for my skin type?

This treatment is great for people with normal to dry skin, who want to slow the ageing process and maintain a natural look. It will gradually reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and also helps with signs of pigmentation caused by sun damage or hormones.

What results can I expect?
Your pores and congestion will be reduced following this treatment. Pigmentation is brightened and fine lines become plumper. Overall, the skin will feel more hydrated and refined.

Pre-treatment advice
You’ll need to prepare your skin for this treatment using recommended DermaQuest products. Depending on your skin type, you’ll need to prepare for between two to six weeks. It’s important that your skin is in good health prior to this peel, so you’ll be advised to use homecare products to strengthen, hydrate and protect the skin’s barrier before starting your clear skin journey.

We recommend this preparation for your treatment to ensure you experience minimal downtime. It will also help you achieve the best long-lasting results.
Most of our clients would have a course of three retinol peels, with a space of 4 weeks in-between each treatment. Then maintenance treatment on an individual basis.


Q: How much downtime is there after treatments?

A: You won’t experience any downtime from this treatment; however, you may have some mild redness, flaking or peeling. Your practitioner will explain the possibility of downtime with you before starting the treatment. They’ll also discuss the possibility of working up to stronger peels if you want to increase them gradually. Using the recommended preparatory products before treatment will also help minimise the dryness/peeling. They ensure the skin is ready and safe before treatment.

Q: Does this treatment hurt?
A: A few clients say that the treatment feels slightly warm for a couple of minutes, but not uncomfortable.

Q: How is it different from other treatments?
A: This is a comfortable and versatile treatment. Many skin types will benefit from the Retinol and you don’t need to have a break from treatments, unlike stronger alternatives.

Q: What happens during the treatment?
A: Your skin is thoroughly cleansed before the solution is applied. You will have one layer of product applied and you may feel warmth or tingling whilst the practitioner allows the product to work. This takes six to ten minutes depending on your skin type and number of previous treatments. Your practitioner will then remove the product with a cooling serum and apply a hydrating product and SPF for protection. The treatment takes 30 minutes in total.

Q: Is it safe?
A: DermaQuest is a leading cosmeceutical brand who have been manufacturing peels for over 20 years


  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Dark Spots

  • Acne

  • Pores & Texture

  • Lift & Firm

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